Melissa Alvarez – Online Store

Welcome to my online store! I’m offering a variety of things for sale here. You’ll find my card decks, signed copies of my books, predesigned book covers, and intuitive readings. There are a couple of upcoming courses here too but I’m not selling those yet because I haven’t finished writing the course. At times I also offer jewelry and other things I’ve designed. If you’d like to be put on my mailing list just send me an email to and I’ll add you. I’m also on hiatus from readings right now but will turn them back on in the future. I accept all major credit cards through PayPal so payments are always handled securely through PayPal’s servers. Orders are usually shipped out by flat rate Priority Mail with the USPS (so I can track it) within 3 business days or sooner. Readings are usually completed within 7 business days or sooner when I’m doing readings. If you have any questions about any of the products just send me an email. Thanks for stopping by today!

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