Chakra Divination® Lotus Petal Spread Reading

Chakra Divination® is an ancient method of intuitive evaluation, which is used to energize, balance and cleanse the seven major chakras. Even though it’s an ancient technique, it’s also new, unique and non-traditional when compared to conventional methods of chakra work. This method was given to me from the higher realms as a way to examine the chakras through the use of intuition to uncover problems, find a course of action and to obtain ultimate balance within each chakra. This benefits the person doing the reading on a spiritual level. The artwork and card meanings were also divinely guided. Chakra Divination® is a system you can use when your normal functioning energy flow feels disturbed. Through the use of the Chakra Divination® charts, spreads and cards you can understand how to focus on the chakras using your intuition and perform intuitive chakra reading for yourself and others. I am the trademark owner of Chakra Divination®. The Lotus Petal Spread looks into one chakra but gives two readings on that chakra.


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